As human beings communication is vital for our survival. Thus we need to interact with other people. Interacting with others is not only vital, but it also increases our knowledge and helps us grow as a person. Since the last decade, people have changed a lot about how they interact with each other. Now people use cellphones and other technological tools to never actually lose contact of the people that they are interested.

Also a person might interact differently with different individuals. For example: If I’m ever writing to someone important, my writing will be really formal. However if I’m writing to some friend, my writing would be a bit broken. I wouldn’t care about punctuation, sentence structure, and I would probably add a bunch of emoticons, such as “:D”. Now that I think about it, humans just interact with each other in the best way they assume is appropriate. For example: No one ever told me that I had to be extremely serious with this blog, I just sort of guessed it on my own. I do recall during last semester my professional speaking class. At first I started my speeches being extremely serious. This was due to the fact that it was my professional speaking class, the key word being “professional”. I assumed that all my speeches had to be serious, but being serious backfired heavily. So I began to change my way of interacting with the audience into a more non-serious way, and that really worked very well for me in the end.

In conclusion, interaction is vital for human beings, due to technological advances it is possible to interact in many different ways that weren’t possible before, we change our way of interacting based on the individual we are going to interact, and most of the time we just assume which would be the best way of interacting with another person. interaction

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