Association is when 2 or more individuals interact in order to reach a particular goal. Maybe the individuals have different goals, but they need the interaction in order to achieve their goals. Sort of like me writing this post so that I can reach the goal of having a nice grade. I don’t really think association would change a lot in different parts of the world. People will always be looking for some certain specific goal.

I remember that during last semester I had introduction to psychology. My professor of psychology said that humans will always engage in an interaction seeking a particular goal. I guess that makes sense, I can’t really think of why would I ever need to talk to someone if I don’t really have the need to talk. The most pointless I can ever get is when I’m bored and I talk to someone, but even there my goal is just to kill time. In other terms, association is basically an specific form of causality which deals with interactions. Causality being a philosophical term for basically just cause and effect. The cause being wanting to accomplish a goal, the effect being the interaction.

In conclusion, we live in a world with a system that is designed to concentrate in people’s needs. People that are shunned away by society are the ones who can’t really bring any sort of talents that would help others accomplish their goals. Sounds really harsh, but it makes sense. People hate leeches, if someone doesn’t have any redeeming quality, then the person will probably just be ignored. This is done because people want to accomplish their own goals and that person might present him/her-self as an obstacle or as an annoyance.


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