Now this is a topic that is a bit of a taboo. Adding the fact that I’m writing this on the internet, where everyone can see it, makes it even more awkward, but I digress. Sexuality is how people reproduce. However, it also includes the gender roles that are assigned to people. Many people will also see the topic of sexuality as a taboo, which makes it really difficult to talk about sometimes.

The gender roles can tell a lot about the culture of different countries. In the modern world we live in gender roles barriers have been almost completely destroyed. In Panama women can have all the jobs positions that men have, and men can also have the same job positions that women have. However, this is not the case for other countries. For example: In Iraq women aren’t really able to have the same jobs as men do. Also, as Hal mentioned, some of the actions that men do in one country won’t be considered proper in another country. For example: the men in Iran read poetry and hold their hands, while the women are cold and do things that would associated with men from USA.

In conclusion, sexuality is a very delicate topic. As already demonstrated, gender roles assigned to men and women vary greatly around the world. However, the gender roles seem to be becoming more open over time, as demonstrated by the fact that women can now work on professions that were considered before to be only male exclusive.gender

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