Defense is clearly important if we want to establish peace and security in a nation. As Hall said it, we need to defend ourselves from animals and humans alike. religion, law-enforcement, and medicine are the main defensive techniques made by man. Religion helps with the dangers withing the individual, even though I would rather go to some psychologist. Law-enforcement deals with criminals and other societies that impose a threat. Medicine deals with diseases.

Here in Panama our defense is rather poor actually. We don’t have any advanced army. The police may look serious at times, but most of the time they are just doing it to get bribed. Religion seems to be a very important part of Panama, there are churches everywhere in the city and they get full all the time. Public medicine in panama sucks, the system is horrible, and people are sometimes left waiting for months in order to get some important surgery. Also medicines have been found poisoned more than once. However, the private medicine sector is a lot better and a lot cheaper than in countries like USA.

In conclusion, the defense in Panama is alright. The law-enforcement seems to be getting better with time. The one that worries me is medicine. The public medicine of Panama is really weak, but I don’t really use it, so I don’t complain much about it. en_0309_DAgata_480x360

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