Learning is the acquisition of new knowledge. As humans our main way of teaching children about general knowledge is by sending them to schools. I don’t think there is really a lot of variation around the world, children seem to always be sent to some education center. Education is extremely important for the development of a country. Like the famous quote that says that the children of today are the something important of tomorrow, I can’t remember it very well.

Anyway, the education in Panama is horrible, at least the public one. Not only are the classes  done poorly, but there always seems to be some incident occurring that damages schools for days. For example: water is gone, electricity is gone, some random act of vandalism occurs, or/and some weird glass fiber accident. Apparently an ex minister of education even got arrested for irregularly giving away the contracts that were meant to repair the glass fiber from schools.

I sadly took classes for a year at the Universidad Technologica de Panama (Technological University of Panama, keyword being “Technological”). Anyway, I had a very irregular schedule, and never really learned anything. I believe I even went stupider in that year. My professors tend to miss a lot, sometimes the university would close out of nowhere. Also, the university had a system that was practically designed to make its students fail, or drop off. Another time, I actually had to teach the children of “Loma Macano”, which is located in Some-Mountain-I-Dunno-Where in the middle of Who-Knows-Where, my cellphone reception clearly didn’t know where was I. The school was just 3 rooms, no air conditioner, and not even a bathroom. Also, the children were pretty dumb, to not use a harsher word. In conclusion, the education in Panama sucks.

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