Play (aka Recreation) is a very important factor for humans, as the old proverb says “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. This means that without time off from work, a person will become bored. It is important to take some rest from time to time in order to enjoy life. I don’t really think there is a culture that actually doesn’t take some free time to do other stuff other than work. Though there obviously are some other cultures that take work more seriously.

In Panama a lot of the recreation comes from clubs. Even though I don’t really enjoy that. Another big part comes from sports. However, my recreation mainly comes from going out with friends to the mall, not to shop though. We just sort of walk around aimlessly while talking. Beaches are also very important in Panama, During long weekends and holidays the people from the city tend to move to the beaches that are outside of the city. This tends to generate a lot of income to the little towns that are out of the city.

In conclusion, recreation is very important for humans. Life would be extremely boring without the time to do something other than working. Recreation is also very important for some countries, since it represents a valuable source of income. Countries like Panama actually generate a lot of income through tourism, so it is important to have recreational activities for the tourists.


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