Temporality has to do with everything related to time. As Hall mentioned, life is full of cycles and rhythms. It can be said that all people have a certain schedule, which makes up a great percentage of a person’s way of living. Also, any disruption to a person’s way of life creates stress. Different cultures may contain different calendars and/or clock time. However, different cultures also tend to be different in the way that they treat time.

Panamanians have the stereotype of being extremely careless about time. However, that’s obviously not the case for everyone, but for a big majority it is. Also, living in a country like this actually affects after a while and I can safely say that I don’t really care that much about time. I might be always on time for some things, but if I get late for something I won’t really get stressed a lot by it. Also, a lot of people tend to be late anyway.

In conclusion, temporality seems to be something which importance is different from person to person. However, a person living in a culture of people who don’t take time as seriously might be affected in the long run, even if that person thinks different at first. Also, people who take less importance of time tend to have less stress. I guess that technically means that Panama has a very low level of stress. Also, stress tends to produce sickness. So I guess that also means that Panama is a very healthy country, or at least it would be if its healthcare didn’t suck so much.


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