Exploitation is defined as the act of employing resources to the greatest advantage. Hall says that men have developed almost any type of extension in order to be able to exploit any resource that is available to them. Exploitation is generally done due several reasons. Rapid increase on population leads to a greater demand of natural resources. Cultures of consumerism also lead to the exploitation of natural resources.

Exploitation of natural resources have some great disadvantages for the environment. Some disadvantages include: deforestation, desertification, soil erosion, green house gas increase, etc. In Panama people do a lot of campaigns to stop the exploitation of natural resources. I have never participated in any though. However, I had several people in my school that did projects about helping the environment. Panama has the nickname of “el pulmon de America” (the lung of America), so I can pretty safely say that there isn’t really much deforestation going here.

En conclusion, exploitation is something that is really dangerous, but very necessary. However, people are sometimes careless in their way of exploiting resources. For example, when people cut trees they don’t plant new ones. The consumerism culture should lower a bit, maybe then there wouldn’t be as much exploitation.deforestation-2


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